We tapped into our 21 years of vichy shower manufacturing and spent 18 months designing and perfecting the VaVoom Vichy Shower. We talked to dozens of professionals from every area of the spa industry.

This included consultants, spa directors, spa therapists, architects, building contractors, plumbers and even equipment sales people. We found one constant theme in nearly everyone we spoke to. They all wanted a vichy shower that was esthetically pleasing in the wet room. Well, the sleek design features and the various powder coat colors really bring this element home.

The VaVoom was designed to easily replace any other vichy shower installation with minimal construction. Very simple installation requirements allow the spa to replace faulty vhichy showers with minimal cost. 


Color Options
Spritzer 8 Head: $4695.00
Rain Bar 6 Head: $3995.00
Shipping Weights & Dims
Weight:   150lbs
Size:   89x26x23
Class:   110
Crating & Handling:  $125
Typical Layout


Additional Information:

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