Vichy Shower Makeover Kit

Our showerheads work in a revolutionary, remarkable way. There is no other showerhead on the market that uses our patented Oxygenics® technology, and no other showerhead is able to give you the same results. You are going to love your shower!   The innovative technology behind Oxygenics® is based on the Venturi Principle. As water enters the base of the showerhead, it is propelled through an accelerator fin to increase the velocity of the water flow. It is then directed through a channel where oxygen is injected into water. The result? Phenomenal coverage and a continuous range of sensations - from a soft relaxing spray to a deep, therapeutic massage to everything in between. Are you ready to be wowed? Get ready for a healthy, powerful, oxygenated spray!

Vichy Shower Makeover Kit

Oxygenated Shower Head : $ 59.95
Chrome Plated Rain Showerhead: $ 59.95
Chrome Plated Vigorus Spray Showerhead: $ 99.95
Chrome Plated Shut-Off Valve: $ 24.95
Power Message Hand Held Shower: $ 49.95
Stretching up to 10' Hand Shower Hose : $ 79.95
Shipping:   $35
Crating & Handling:   $10
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