Hi Lo Battery Acrylic Wet Table

The Hi Lo Battery Acrylic Wet Table is a motorized, wet table with a seamless, molded-acrylic top, perfect for hydrotherapy treatments. The table is contoured with a wider torso section to keep clients comfortable and allow easier access for therapists. A generous trough-and-drain-system surrounds the work surface and keeps wash-off away from the client. Operated by hand control, the Hi Lo Acrylic Wet Table comes with battery, charger and removable Closed-Cell Foam Pad.

Hi Lo Battery Acrylic Wet Table

Price: $3495.00

TOP: Top design Acrylic shell with built-in channel to direct water to 1.5" drain opening at the foot end. Leveling feet can be adjusted to tilt foot end slightly lower. Comes w/ 41" of 1.5" flexible drain hose to direct water into floor drain (recommended) or bucket. Contoured width tapers from torso to leg area. Top size Width 36" (torso), tapers to 32" (legs) x 83" length (maximum size, at the lower edge of top) Working area size Width 29" (torso), tapers to 25" (legs) x 76" length Frame 3/4" plywood frame sealed with exterior-grade paint Pad 1.25" removable, closed-cell foam pad, vinyl coated, teal Main lift mechanism 24v 4.5 A/h battery powers a linear actuator within the lifting column through a 24v, 8.50 A max control box mounted to the underside of the top. Controls 2-button hand control BASE & FRAME: Carbon steel base Sleek, contemporary design White powder-coat finish Anodized aluminum center pedestal Leg recess 16.5" Height range - standard 24" - 32" Capacity Lifting capacity 375 lbs. / static weight capacity 800 lbs. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: Face support Contour FaceSpace Neptune Face Pillow Taller pillow accommodates low mounting bracket position for face support (white; water resistant) Wet Pillow Drape Covers Neptune Face Pillow (dark blue; waterproof) Wet Spa Bolster 27" x 6" (dark blue; water resistant) Massage Top Converter Padded vinyl top converts table for dry massage Choose vinyl color: White, Black, Almond or Camel GUARANTEES: Structure 2 yrs. on replacement parts and 1 yr. on labor** Foam Pad Guaranteed to arrive in good condition Mechanical 2 yr. warranty on materials **Labor warranty for customers in USA only WEIGHTS: Table weight 250 lbs. Shipping weight - boxed 300 lbs. 

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