WaterWerks started in 1992 as a broker selling to the very early US Spa Industry for European manufacturers of tubs and showers. We learned that the spa market here in the United States was very different than it was in Europe and, as a result, we started giving the European companies input on changes to their products. These recommendations were not well received or welcomed by the European manufacturers. They felt that since they had been manufacturing these items for many years, their expertise was superior. That led us to start wanting to come up with our own designs. So we did.

Our First Vichy Shower

The first shower we designed was the Torrent Vichy Shower in 1992. At first, we hired out the manufacturing to a plumbing fixture manufacturer here in the US. Quality became a major issue because we did not have control over the practices of this company. So, in 1994 we brought all manufacturing in house where it has remained ever since. We have shipped nearly 2,000 showers to spas in over 25 countries throughout the world. All of our products are warranted for 5 years. The reason is simple. We manufacture our products with the best quality raw materials that can be found. We have showers that were installed more than 25 years ago that are still in operation today.


Innovation has always been at the forefront of WaterWerks. We were the first company to introduce a vichy shower with a scots hose incorporated into the design. We were the first with a hydro-tub that had a removable massage top in the design. We were the first company to introduce a commercial grade hand shower. Now, we are the first company to introduce a designer line of showers that enhance the wet room they are installed in.

Service Area & Clients

We have built dozens of custom showers for clients in the Bahamas, Honduras, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, India, Japan, United States, Korea, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Switzerland, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Bali, Italy, Turkey, Dubai, Spain, Qatar, Sweden, Germany, Greece and so on. Our products can be found in many of the top spas around the world. Ritz Carlton, Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, Greenbrier, Elizabeth Arden, Woodhouse Day Spas, Golden Door, Omni and more than 1,000 other great spas located throughout the world.


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